What are you looking for?

Are you after a light fitting to suit a specific room? Do you need a lighting system to enhance your home or improve your work environment?

Do you need a complete lighting project to make your home a nicer place to live in? You may be thinking of a shadow free light in the kitchen, creating a relaxing ambience in your lounge… or even an outdoor lighting system to allow you to enjoy your garden and deck to the fullest?

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Perhaps your shop window needs a lighting system to help catch potential customer’s attention and draw them inside?

It could be that you’ve heard that having the appropriate lighting can positively influence your staff’s productivity and dramatically reduce the running cost of your business?

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Or maybe you just need a professional’s helping hand, because you know what do you want but you’re unsure on how to achieve it?

Whether you want to improve your home, to upgrade your workplace or to add an unquestionable value to a new architectural development, you must ask the experts for help.

Contact inlucem today and let us take you on a journey where your ideas and dreams will come to life!

Let us bring to your needs light!
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Contact us today!
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Who is behind inlucem?

My name is Diego Sáez Ibarzábal. I am an experienced Architect and highly qualified Lighting Designer with a true passion for light. I have a notable ability to create exceptional living spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial situations through my tailored and inspired lighting solutions.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my business, inlucem, an exceptional combination of architecture and lighting design; a platform where common sense meets superior design.

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Why you should contact us.

We all know what we want, but sometimes translating an idea into reality is not always that easy.

A lighting design must be approached from a wide perspective taking into consideration the architectural environment as well as its technical and emotional aspects.

At inlucem, we have a thorough understanding of how light works and influences any space. We also understand the vital role that people play in their interaction with spaces, and in turn how vital light is in enhancing their experience.

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inlucem can help you to integrate an inspired lighting solution into your overall design, achieving a creative balance between aesthetics and functionality. Between efficiency, reliability and innovation.

And most importantly, at inlucem we love what we do! We enjoy working with and for you, to find a solution that addresses not only your needs but delivers a result beyond your expectations.

We’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk over a coffee about what you need, with no obligation at all.

Let us help you to get your money’s worth.
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The exceptional value you add to your project can’t be measured by only the quality and quantity of light but rather the atmosphere it creates and the experience it offers.Whether you are building, renovating or just redecorating, count with a lighting expert, count with inlucem’s advice.



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What does inlucem offer you?
  • We provide you with a tailored lighting solution.
  • We help you to find the most suitable light fittings.
  • We ensure you receive a result you will be delighted with.

The first part of our journey starts with an obligation free and friendly conversation over a coffee. We will talk about what you need and how inlucem can help you to achieve the best result.

As a result of our conversation we will clearly identify what your unique needs are and what your project requires.

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Upon deciding to go ahead we will arrange a second meeting and draw up a document illustrating creative lighting concepts and cost-effective solutions for your project.

We are devoted to define the right light for your project and to place it in the right position.

We are committed to find the light fitting for you, which performs as needed, suits your style and meets budget constraints, searching throughout in both national and international market.

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We deliver a complete set of architectural plans together with a detailed lighting specifications, for you to easily understand our suggestions and also for the professionals involved on the installation to perfectly work with.

Our excellent management of a large range of graphic resources enable us to clearly communicate ideas, to deliver lighting calculations, to express the lighting concepts and to make easier the installation process to all professionals involved.


We work with enthusiasm and true passion which make as an excellent collaborator of all the professionals involved in the design and installation process.

We work engaged to client’s satisfaction putting our knowledge and expertise to the complete service of project’s best result.

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Last but not least, remember:

Success comes from how we combine together our talent, gained knowledge and expertise with your inspirational dreams and motivational expectations.

Light matters, it is material.

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“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars”. Og Mandino